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Month: October 2014

Good oral health care begins at home – A local Burton dentist’s advice. As an experienced dentist, Mike Allen is able to perform many procedures to repair a damaged tooth, whether this has been caused by decay or breakage. Even

Patient benefits being with a Denplan Excel practice. Denplan Excel is an accreditation programme for dentists to demonstrate excellence in quality assurance, patient care and communication. In addition to offering Denplan payment plans to our patients, we have opted to

Dental care for older residents of Burton on Trent. Burton Upon Trent, like many other towns in the UK, has a large proportion of older residents; in fact forecasts for the UK indicate that older people will soon make up

Selecting the best method for replacing missing teeth at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton on Trent Having lost a tooth, or a number of adjoining teeth, a patient is then left with a choice of methods for their replacement.