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Month: November 2014

Why this Burton dentist requests patients to stop smoking when having dental implants. There is little disputing the fact that dental implants are the best option available to replace missing teeth. Whilst they may not be the cheapest option available,

Mouth Cancer Awareness! Awareness of symptoms is crucial for early detection, which means earlier treatment, which is vital to stop the cancer spreading. Mouth cancer is on the increase affecting over 6,500 people a year.  2000 of these people die from this disease

Our Burton on Trent dental practice offers advice on care of tooth veneers. Dental veneers are often used in cases where the teeth are severely stained and where a whitening procedure alone would be insufficient. They are also an effective

Why dental pain should be treated as soon as possible. Even those of us who go to great lengths to look after our teeth may well have experienced dental pain at some point in our lives. By regular brushing and