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Month: December 2014

Bleeding gums. How we assess and treat at Mike Allens Dental Practice.

Bleeding scores.  Measure, treat, reduce! What is a bleeding score? When patients come to our Burton based practice for a hygiene appointment , a bleeding score will be calculated. This score tells us what % of your gums bleed when

Living in Burton and Scared of the dentist?

Some help with managing dental anxiety for our Burton patients. Fear is a very personal thing but, if you are afraid of dental visits, you are not alone. It is estimated that 25% of the population of the UK are

The Common Cold and your Oral Health

Some oral health care tips for Winter. As Winter starts to take its toll, with the usual increase in the number of cold and flu viruses that occur at this time of the year; we thought we would take the

Why choose Private dentistry?

Private dentistry at Mike Allens Dental Practice in Burton. Relaxed atmosphere Excellent customer service High quality materials, equipment and laboratories Complex/ Cosmetic dentistry Latest technology and techniques Emergency service available, every day of the year Being independently run at our Burton

A Winning Smile….

Cosmetic dentistry – the route to a great smile at your local Burton dentist. Although cosmetic dental treatments are most commonly associated with improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, whether this be through having them whitened or perhaps straightened