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Year: 2015

Start the year off with a whiter, more even smile. Once the Christmas festivities are over and the waistlines slowly start to return to normal, we usually start to reflect on our lives and to consider the changes that we

Act promptly now and save yourself the misery of toothache at Christmas time. With Christmas time rapidly approaching, it can be ‘all systems go’, fitting in parties, buying presents for friends and relatives and getting food and drinks in ready

Looking at the important roles played by the members of our dental staff. Although our Burton dental practice is called ‘Mike Allen’s Dental Practice’; one man, of course, does not a complete dental practice make. We thought, therefore, that it

Our Burton dentist takes a look at this common procedure. Although advances in dentistry have led to innovative solutions for replacing missing teeth, such as dental implants; a good number of patients still opt to use longer established solutions, and

Diabetics and awareness of potential oral health pitfalls. Type two diabetes is one of the serious health ‘time bombs’ that appears in the news a lot these days. Diet and lack of exercise are thought to be two of the

Awareness of HPV virus needs to be improved. A UK health charity has called for an increased awareness of the HPV virus, especially amongst younger people, following a reported increase of 88% in mouth cancers since the 1970’s. Many readers

A solid foundation in good oral health for all the family. Our dental practice has been here, in Burton, for over thirty years now. Like most dental practices, it started its life as a general practice, fulfilling the role of

Getting old does not have to mean letting go of good oral health. As we get older, and aspects of our lives such as embarking on a new career or finding a new partner slowly slip away, it can be

Putting the ‘bright’ back into the dark evenings ahead. There are many beautiful things about Autumn, with the riot of nature’s colours being up there amongst the best. This weekend though, the clocks go back and we start to have

A Burton dentist offers advice about what to do if this happens. We suspect that many cosmetic dentists have encountered patients who have attempted some dental DIY, with one of the most common attempts being the restoration of a detached