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Month: January 2015

What to do when you suffer dental problems unexpectedly. Planned visits to Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton are one thing. Whether for general maintenance or a planned procedure, you know that you will be in good professional hands and

Cosmetic dentistry to close gaps between the teeth for our Burton patients. Having a gap between the teeth can detract from your smile. Naturally, when the gap is caused by the loss of a tooth, this needs to be corrected

Bleeding gums: Who cares? Actually, at Mike Allen’s dental practice we do and you should too because HEALTHY GUMS shouldn’t bleed (the only exception to this is people who smoke; they usually suffer from advancing gum disease but their gums

What it means to the team at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton. Recently, we have been given a few nice reviews on Google for the services that we have provided to patients at our Burton on Trent dental practice.

General advice for your implant procedure at Mike Allen’s of Burton on Trent. Dental implants have been one of the most revolutionary dental procedures in recent years. Previously, dentures or bridges had been used to replace missing teeth, and, whilst