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Month: February 2015

Vaping. A healthier alternative to smoking?

E- Cigarettes E-cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporise nicotine when the user inhales. They contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and toxic, but do no not contain or burn tobacco. Whilst they may be seen as a healthier alternative to

Persistent Bad Breath?

Treating the causes of halitosis at our Burton upon Trent dental practice. There is little doubt that having bad breath is unpleasant. Most of us can probably recall an occasion or two when we have involuntarily backed away from someone

Dental Bridges – An Alternative to Dental Implants

An option for patients who don’t wish to have implants. Although we have successfully placed many dental implants for our patients from Burton Upon Trent for some time now, it is not unusual to see patients where another alternative is

Re-shaping uneven teeth

Tooth contouring and re-shaping the teeth.   Uneven teeth can be caused by many reasons. Teeth may be in the wrong position due to tooth crowding or tooth loss creating gaps, grinding of the teeth (bruxism) which may flatten teeth

Effective Teeth Whitening

A look at the various methods currently available. There is something of a misconception by some people that regular brushing of the teeth will ensure that we have white teeth into our old age. Although this brushing will certainly play

How to clean in-between your teeth

Why we need to clean between teeth and how! What is Plaque and Calculus? Plaque Plaque is a combination of food and bacteria. It is sticky and soft, and sticks to the teeth soon after brushing.  It harbours many bacteria, and if it is

Dental Implants – Are Cheaper Options Available?

A look at why dental implant placement is not an inexpensive procedure. A lot of people now are taking up the option to have dental implants fitted instead of dentures. Some, however, question whether they are really such good value