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Month: April 2015

Changing habits can affect the health of teeth and gums. When we have children, we obviously want them to grow up as healthily as possible. For general health, this means ensuring that they are up to date with important vaccinations

Caring for Children and their teeth   Here at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice Children’s teeth require all the love and attention adults teeth do! We recommend that we work together to make your child feel relaxed about coming to visit the dentist

How patients can benefit from this flexible cosmetic dental procedure. From a cosmetic viewpoint, one of the most common reasons that people come to our Burton Upon Trent dental practice is because they are unhappy with the colour of their

If so, you should continue to read the article below and learn why you should. It is thought that only around 20% of adults in the UK currently floss between their teeth (1). Even those who brush well and pay

Should a dental appointment be made for minor issues? Even when regular six monthly checks ups are maintained at our Burton Upon Trent dental practice; there can be other times when a relatively minor issue crops up leaving you wondering