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Month: June 2015

A look at the potential oral health issues. Piercings of the tongue and lips are one of the popular trends at the moment, especially among the younger generation. Whilst parents may not approve of these, many also acknowledge that these

Music festivals are here again – have you planned your oral care? You might think that looking after your teeth whilst attending Glastonbury or any other music festival is no different to when you are on holiday. However, there are

A look at the pros and cons of web based dental advice. The internet is here to stay, and many of us use it on a daily basis, whether for work, or for pleasure. As we know though, the internet,

Modern dentistry to create an even and beautiful smile. Few of us would deny that white, evenly spaced teeth are quite desirable and, whilst whiter teeth are relatively easily achievable with modern teeth whitening procedures, creating an even set of

Our patients – number one priority at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice. Realistically, visiting a dental practice is rarely an enjoyable event. These days, with modern care and facilities it is likely to be a stress free and painless visit, but