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Month: August 2015

Is Anxiety Damaging Your Oral Health?

Avoiding appointments simply stores up problems for the future. Like many dentists, we see a lot of nervous dental patients on a regular basis at our Burton on Trent dental practice, and fortunately most just accept that visiting the dentist

A Tailored Dental Treatment Plan

Burton Upon Trent patients enjoy personalised care at Mike Allen’s Dental. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we offer all of our patients a fully personalised service, whether routine treatment is needed, or a more complex procedure, such as dental implants.

Jaw Problems

Dentistry techniques to help correct this not uncommon problem. Many people suffer from painful or aching jaws. Although there can be a number of causes of this, including injuries caused by a blow to the face, a surprising number occur

Regular Professional Dental Care

Dentists – not only for when problems occur. During a recent study (1), it was found that just over a quarter of the British population only pay their dentist a visit when a problem arises. Whether this problem is relatively