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Month: September 2015

A simple problem that can be damaging to your teeth and gums. Having a dry mouth is not uncommon and is something that most of us will have experienced from time to time. Generally, it is not a major issue,

A few reasons to consider choosing us for your dentistry. Are we one of the the best dental practice in Burton? Well, comparison with other local dental practices would be unfair, and, probably also down to personal opinion to a

How a local anaesthetic works to prevent pain and discomfort during a procedure at Mike Allen’s Dental in Burton. Anyone who has had an invasive dental procedure will almost certainly have received a local anaesthetic; usually administered into the gum

Helping to prevent this common dental problem. Like discoloured teeth, receding gums often seem to sneak up on us and occur later in life without us really noticing it happening. With barely any symptoms at all,  it is only one