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Year: 2016

If you are one of the 80% who don’t do this, please read on! The vast majority of people in the UK recognise that basic oral health care, i.e. brushing your teeth, is essential if tooth decay is to be

Maintenance tips from your Burton dentist. Because porcelain can’t suffer from decay like a natural tooth, it may be tempting for those who have had dental veneers fitted to pay less attention when cleaning them. However, this would be a

Our Burton family dentist takes a look at how family life can impact our teeth. The way that we have been brought up can affect almost every area of our life. Even if we feel that we are entirely different

Our Burton dentist, Mike Allen, looks at this sometimes underestimated oral health issue. If you ask anyone why they visit their dentist, most will probably tell you that it is to have their teeth checked to make sure that there

A fast, festive smile upgrade at our dentists in Burton! With Christmas just around the corner and a whole host of social events to attend, many of us will be investing in new clothes or shoes. If you want to

Some simple tips from our Burton dentist. Keeping the enamel on our teeth strong and intact plays a key part in avoiding problems such as tooth decay and sensitivity. This layer of the tooth is very hard, and prevents bacteria

Our Burton dentist discusses modern options for replacing missing teeth. Whilst some wearers are quite happy with their dentures; and modern versions are certainly an improvement over older style ones; for others they can prove to be quite uncomfortable and

A visit to our Burton family dentist can help to avoid dental problems over the Christmas period. It is hard not to notice the onset of winter as the long dark nights and the chill in the air help to

Can these seasonal illnesses affect the health of our teeth and gums? Now that Summer is finally over, we enter into the Autumn and Winter periods where colds and flus and relatively common. Whilst, for most people, these illnesses soon

Why a dry mouth may cause more than just an unpleasant feeling. Most of us will have experienced a dry mouth from time to time. In most cases, it is easily rectified through drinking water or may even naturally go