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Month: March 2016

Latest dentistry treatment in Burton to give your smile a boost! Although we are still being treated to the usual British weather patterns, there are noticeable signs that we are about to (hopefully) enter the warmer and sunnier months of

The team at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice offer their perspective on this new tax. Although other events have now taken over from the ‘sugar tax’ headline of the recent budget, it is still a topic relevant to the health of

Gum problems can occur at any age, even in young patients. Gum disease is often associated with older patients; this can be for any number of reasons. Long term neglect certainly increases the risk of gingivitis and periodontitis in older

Why having your teeth straightened can affect more than just your appearance. Whilst an increasing number of people are seeking out teeth straightening procedures in order to have a great smile, other patients are perhaps less concerned with their appearance