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Month: June 2016

Ask Our Dentist – Healthy Gums

Clean teeth and gums for a healthy mouth. Today’s question comes from a Burton patient who feels that there may be problems with his gums. Q. I am in my early twenties and have a good set of teeth and

Ask Our Dentist – Dental Implants

Mike Allen answers a mother’s concerns about her teenage son’s lost teeth. The next in our series of typical dentist questions looks at whether dental implants can be used for younger patients. Q. My 14 year old son is pretty

Ask A Burton Dentist – Invisible Braces

A patient asks us about straightening his teeth in middle age. In the next question from a patient of Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we look at straightening teeth in our adult years. Q. I have always had teeth that were

Ask Mike Allen – Alternative Dental Treatments

Can good oral health be attained through ‘natural’ means? Our next question in this series comes from a believer in ‘natural health’ products who wants to know if this can be extended into dental care. Q. Over the years, my

Ask Mike Allen – Teenage Dental Health

Teenage years and maintaining oral health care. Continuing our ‘ask the dentist’ series, we received the following question which we suspect may sound more than familiar to a number of our Burton parents! Q. I have two teenage sons, one