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Month: July 2016

A patient wishes to know if there are any health risks from oral piercings. Piercings of the lip and tongue are not uncommon these days, especially in younger people. They are not without risks though and oral health problems can

A patient wants to know if his painful tooth needs treatment. Today’s question comes from a patient who is reluctant to ‘trouble’ us with, what he feels, is a minor dental issue. Q. I noticed, a few weeks ago, that

A look at how different drinks can affect your teeth and gums. Taking a short break from our ‘ask a dentist’ series, we thought that it would be useful to take a look at how different beverages can have an

A mother asks about dental care for young patients. We understand that many people wouldn’t put seeing a dentist top of their favourite pastimes, but for some, dental anxiety can even prevent them from receiving the dental care that they