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Month: September 2016

The Benefits Of Clear Braces – A Burton Dentist Discusses

Modern discreet orthodontics offer a way to straighten teeth without the visibility of traditional braces. The British have a certain reputation for crooked and uneven teeth, especially in the USA. Whilst this is largely exaggerated for comic effect, the fact

Why Are My Gums Sensitive And Bleeding?

A patient asks Mike Allen Dental in Burton whether this problem can be treated. This question, recently asked by a new resident of Burton, is not an uncommon one, but one which can cause distress and certainly, discomfort. Q. Hi

Teeth Whitening in Burton – An Affordable Smile Improvement

Why this procedure is most people’s first experience of cosmetic dentistry. Mike Allen’s dental practice has been based in Burton for over thirty years. For much of this time, it has been best known as a family dentist, offering general

Six Monthly Oral Health Checks

Burton family dentist, Mike Allen,  reviews why these are necessary. Some of the newspapers today are reporting that a senior dentist is claiming that regular six monthly oral health checks are unnecessary for many people. They argue that, for those