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Month: October 2016

Can these seasonal illnesses affect the health of our teeth and gums? Now that Summer is finally over, we enter into the Autumn and Winter periods where colds and flus and relatively common. Whilst, for most people, these illnesses soon

Why a dry mouth may cause more than just an unpleasant feeling. Most of us will have experienced a dry mouth from time to time. In most cases, it is easily rectified through drinking water or may even naturally go

What causes thinning of the bone in the jaw? Some patients who come to Mike Allen’s Dental Practice to have a dental implant placed may be told that they need a bone graft before the procedure can take place. For

Looking at some possible causes of this unusual dental problem. Whilst many of us will have experienced dental pain, we may not have experienced ‘itchy teeth’, yet some people do have this seemingly unusual experience. Our Burton dentist, Mike Allen,