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Month: February 2017

Our Burton dentist looks at the risk to your oral health from smoking. Although the number of people who smoke is on the decline, there is still a large number of people who start or continue with this habit. It

Preserving a natural tooth that has become infected. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, our aim is to try to ensure that our patients retain as many of their natural teeth as possible. Good general oral health care and regular check

An alternative to dentures for our Burton patients. A missing tooth or teeth, particularly those at the front of the mouth, can often be the cause of severe embarrassment, ultimately leading to a loss of self-confidence. In some cases, this

Porcelain crowns used to strengthen a damaged tooth If you have a tooth that is considered to be too badly damaged or decayed for repair using a standard amalgam type dental filling, then your dentist can sometimes use a dental