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Month: March 2017

Understanding these two important components of a tooth. In order to maintain healthy teeth, it is useful to understand the component parts of the human tooth and the roles that they perform. Below, Mike Allen looks at two of these;

A smile-makeover treatment designed to last. Generally speaking, most patients who wish to have whiter teeth, are recommended to have a teeth whitening procedure here at our Burton dental practice. This personalised whitening treatment is an excellent method for producing

Acting quickly may help to save an infected or damaged tooth. Toothache is a relatively common problem that most of us will have probably experienced at least once in our life. Where a toothache is severe, there is usually no

TV advertising would indicate yes, but is this true? In today’s blog, we thought that we would take a look at the claims of some of the advertisements on TV and other media, for toothpastes that claim to give you