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Month: May 2017

Cosmetic dentistry – rebuilding attractive smiles in Burton. There are many good reasons to stop smoking, most of which are beyond the scope of a dental blog. Even in the dental world though, there are obvious benefits such as reduced

A healthy mouth promotes longer implant life. Although most people’s dental implants should be expected to last for around twenty years, and very often more; this is not a given and requires regular oral health care to keep the mouth,

Times have changed and more men now want to look their best too! There was a time when men simply looked older as the years went by. Wrinkles and yellow stained teeth through smoking were the norm. Times change though,

Guidance from a Burton family dentist to help keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy. How many of you reading this blog have thought at some point in your life “I wish I’d looked after my teeth more when I