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Month: June 2017

Getting Food Stuck Between Your Teeth?

Some general oral health advice from your Burton family dentists. Trapped food, along with ‘bad’ oral bacteria, are two of the main reasons for tooth decay. As food debris in the mouth is broken down by bacteria, acidic by-products are

Looking After Your Teeth Whilst Wearing Dental Braces

Lowering the risk of dental problems whilst having orthodontic treatment. In general, people opt for orthodontic treatment in order to have nicer and more even looking teeth. Another benefit from the result of having straighter teeth is that they are

Tooth Decay – How Does It Happen?

Our Burton family dentist discusses this common dental problem. It isn’t unusual for a patient to express their surprise when we have to tell them that they have tooth decay and need a filling. “But I hardly eat any sugar”

Are You Looking For A Family Dentist in Burton?

Three key things to look for when you want to register with a family dental practice. It is usual for members of the same family who live together, to visit the same dentist. Generally it will be the parents or