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Month: July 2017

Getting older does not mean having to accept poor quality teeth. When we are young, most of us probably had strong and healthy teeth, perhaps with a  few fillings due to an over enthusiasm for sweets. These teeth tend to

Avoiding and treating gum disease problems at our Burton dental practice. Gingival bacteria are ‘ever present’ in our mouths, along with approximately seventy other types of bacteria. Kept under control with good oral care including brushing, flossing and regular, professional

Burton dental implants – quality, stability and longevity. On first hearing about dental implants, there are generally two reactions. The first is a worried look when people hear about certain aspects of the procedure, and the second is the cost

A Burton patient asks about the safety aspect of this popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. From time to time, we receive general queries from patients about an aspect of dental care that we feel is worth sharing with others. This is

Good home dental care – the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. With all the modern equipment and advanced dental procedures available, there are few dental problems that cannot be resolved. Whether a tooth needs to be filled with a