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Month: October 2017

Some helpful tips for the postoperative period. Here at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we always try to repair and save your natural teeth wherever possible, but sometimes this may not always be an option. There may also be situations where

Identifying oral health problems in smokers and available treatments. Although a large proportion of the UK population have managed to stop smoking, or have, at least, switched to e-cigarettes, there is still a sizeable section of society, thought to be

Bite correction for aesthetic and functional benefits, at our Burton practice. You may have heard your dentist mention the term ‘occlusal’. Essentially, this relates to the way that the teeth bite together. Although some specific problems such as an underbite

Tooth decay is much too common, especially in children. Here’s how we can help. Whilst gum disease poses a serious and persistent threat to our oral health, it is likely that most patients are more familiar with the problem of