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Year: 2018

Burton dentist Mike Allen offers some thoughts on how you can improve your smile in the New Year (with a little festive humour at the end)! Christmas is coming and the goose may be getting fat, but most of us

A look at the filling options that are available in modern dental care. One of the most common procedures that we carry out at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, and probably every other practice in the UK, is a filling. These

A reminder to patients who may have had to cancel an appointment. Most patients of Mike Allen’s Dental Practice are fully aware of the importance of their six monthly dental examinations. Whilst most do keep to this routine, there will

If eating or drinking hot or cold food and drinks makes you wince in pain, Mike Allen Dental can help. If you have strong healthy teeth, then you should be able to consume food or drink at any reasonable temperature.

A look at how dental crowns are widely used at our Burton Practice With our modern diet being so high in sugars, including many ‘hidden ones’, it is especially important that we all take good care to keep our teeth

A child’s first appointment may determine how they feel about visiting the dentist in the future. We have mentioned in previous blogs, that ideally you should take your children to a dentist at around one year old for their first

Associate Dentist, Peter Reece, explains why diabetics should pay particular attention to their oral health It goes without saying that we believe that all of our Burton patients should pay close attention to their oral health, but some groups are

Dr Mike Allen gives a dentist’s perspective of this increasingly popular solution. Much has been written in the press, about the benefits of dental implant placement. Most of this has been positive, although there have also been a few negative

Dental hygienist, Alison Lowe, looks at why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of healthy gums. If you take a look at the team page on Mike Allen’s Dental Practice website, you will see that there are currently three dental hygienists

Your teeth are important, use a dental professional. Taking responsibility for looking after our own teeth and gums is important. Daily cleaning and flossing are essential if you want to avoid common problems like decay and gum disease. When it