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Month: May 2018

Our Burton dentists will attempt to see emergency patients as quickly as possible A recent news article mentioned that the 999 services are reporting an increase in the number of people calling them when they are in pain from a

Although they are temporary, it is important to keep baby teeth in good health. Sometimes also referred to as ‘milk teeth’, your child’s first teeth are not permanent and will fall out naturally over time. This does not always happen

A quick history of our long standing Burton dental practice. It was over thirty years ago when Mike Allen decided to set up a dental practice in Burton Upon Trent. Things were very different then of course, and cosmetic dentistry

Given up smoking? Looking to whiten tar-stained teeth? Based in Burton? Gradually, the number of smokers in the UK is coming down. Whilst there are certain groups who may buck this trend, hopefully a combination of education and a realisation