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Month: June 2018

Could the World Cup really lead to damaged teeth? For the game tonight against Belgium, England fans can relax. We are going through to the qualifying stages anyway and whilst a win would be nice, any result will do. The

Our Burton dentist takes a look at the wide selection of toothpastes now available Anybody who watches TV can’t help but have noticed the seemingly increasing range of toothpastes that are being marketed. It appears that there is a different

Certain groups are at particular risk of this problem. It is probably not a subject that many of us like to think about, and we hope that you aren’t eating as you read our latest blog. The truth is though,

Even if your tooth looks healthy, if it is wobbling, then something is wrong. The only teeth that we have in our lifetime which should wobble, are our milk teeth when they are almost ready to come out. This is

And why is it so important to the dental implant procedure? The term ‘osseointegration’ may be unfamiliar to most of our Burton patients, but it is an essential component of the dental implant placement procedure. Without the osseointegration process, dental