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Month: August 2018

Dental hygienist, Alison Lowe, looks at why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of healthy gums. If you take a look at the team page on Mike Allen’s Dental Practice website, you will see that there are currently three dental hygienists

Your teeth are important, use a dental professional. Taking responsibility for looking after our own teeth and gums is important. Daily cleaning and flossing are essential if you want to avoid common problems like decay and gum disease. When it

Why age should not prevent having nicer looking teeth Cosmetic dentistry is often associated with younger people looking to perfect their smile. Whilst this group may be more likely to have cosmetic treatments, this does not mean that older people

Helping younger family members reach adulthood with healthy teeth. Over thirty years ago, Mike Allen’s Dental Practice was set up in Burton Upon Trent, predominantly to provide general dental care. Time may have moved on, and we now also offer