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Year: 2019

Please try our quiz and see what you can remember from this year’s Mike Allen Dental blogs Are you sitting comfortably, or are you perhaps starting to panic about all the Christmas presents you haven’t even thought about buying yet?

Following root therapy, these aftercare tips will help to maintain the tooth. Although an air of mild panic is sometimes detected when we inform a patient that they need to have a root canal treatment, the reality is that this

Helping young teeth stay healthy through better brushing. A toothbrush is a toothbrush, right?  Well yes, but there are a number of options to choose from, and just as we adults choose a toothbrush to suit our own personal needs,

Dental restorations are more effective than you might imagine; give our team a call. Ideally, all of our Burton patients would have looked after their teeth well from childhood and need little treatment other than perhaps a small filling or

Caring for this important part of our teeth. Regular readers of our bi weekly blogs will probably have come across the term ‘dentin’ quite a few times and they may well understand that this is the area of the tooth

We may reach out for our daily caffeine ‘hit’, but coffee isn’t necessarily our friend! Most of the staff and patients of Mike Allen’s Dental Practice probably drink coffee at least occasionally. For some people though, it is almost a

Calm and happy kids means successful dental visits and a healthier mouth! Phobias are strange things and it can sometimes be difficult to understand where they have come from. Some phobias are common, such as a fear of flying or

Mike Allen looks at the problem of weakened teeth. As we get older, it is highly likely that we will have had some dental treatment and many cases, it might be quite a significant amount. The most common treatment is

An American company is coming to the UK, apparently offering online orthodontics (braces). At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we are positively in favour of new technologies working for the benefit of our patients.It can help both accuracy of diagnosis as

Local dentist Mike Allen offers his thoughts on this sometimes underused facility. From a young age, we are told that going to see the dentist (however much we don’t want to) is essential if we want to have healthy teeth