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Year: 2020

Dentist Mike Allen looks at issues that can be caused by unevenly spaced teeth, along with possible solutions If we have looked after our teeth well, with regular brushing, flossing and dental appointments, there is a good chance that they

Restoring teeth that are stained and discoloured In the last few blogs, we have focussed on immediate oral health concerns following the easing of the lockdown in the UK. For most people with dental problems, it has been a priority

A reminder to our Burton patients following the easing of the lockdown period. As dental practices slowly open their doors again following the lockdown period, there will be a concerted initial effort to treat those patients most in need of

A brief look at some of the changes that patients might notice when we open our practice again Many of you will have seen that dental practices in the UK are able to open their doors again from 8th June.

Burton dentist, Dr Mike Allen discusses common causes of ‘wobbly’ teeth For some of us, it may be further back in our memories than we care to remember, but most of us will probably be able to recall when we

How to care for your children’s teeth, now and when they eventually return to school It hasn’t yet been confirmed, but if reports are accurate, it seems that a return to school for year 6 pupils may happen on June

Opportunities for a ‘smile refresh’ as Burton starts to return to “normal” The Coronavirus seems all consuming now, even covered by our own dental blogs. This isn’t surprising of course, as it dominates the news and also our own daily

A possible link to “lock down” anxiety. It is understandable that there is a rise in the number of mental health issues at the moment. If the worry about our own health and those around us wasn’t enough, the fact

Does this rapidly spreading virus have any impact on our oral health? By the time this blog is posted, there is a possibility that we will be moving to the next stage in the fight against the Coronavirus where large

Mike Allen Dental discusses the options available when a number of teeth are lost. Most patients who lose teeth or need to have them extracted at our Burton practice, typcially only have to have one or two removed. There can