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Year: 2021

Management and treatment of this common dental problem If we dig our teeth into freezing cold ice cream and hold them there, we will likely not manage to hold this position for long before taking them back out again. Some

This common health issue means that additional attention needs to be paid to your teeth and gums Asthma is a fairly common problem in the UK, with around 8 million people, or 12% of the population having it. Whether it

If so, here’s why you shouldn’t ignore it…. Can you run your tongue over both the front and back of your teeth and say that they feel entirely smooth? If you can, then congratulations, you are doing a great job

Helping you to keep your children’s teeth strong and healthy As the end of the school summer holiday approaches, there will be some who will be breathing a sigh of relief to get their house back to normal so that

Do you call your dentist when you have a minor problem or wait until your next appointment? It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that most people would rather not go to the dentist if they could get away

Why Burton patients are seeking alternatives to this traditional tooth replacement method Most people will know somebody who wears dentures. Usually this results from tooth loss over a longer period of time but it can also be due to accidental

Great looking smiles with the latest cosmetic dentistry in Burton The word ‘selfie’ is probably talked about less than it used to be but is still a part of everyday life for many people, especially perhaps, the younger generation. Whether

Mike Allen offers some advice on how to care better for your teeth and gums Becoming a dentist takes many years of study and training, and the years of experience behind our team means that they have probably encountered most

Things you can do to help your new tooth implant outcome Dental implants are largely considered to be the gold standard for tooth replacement. Whilst dentures and bridges do have a role to play, neither provides an ideal solution as

Ignoring potential symptoms of gum disease can lead to serious oral health issues Few of us actually enjoy going to the dentists. However friendly and helpful they are, there is always the nagging suspicion that you might need to have