Mouth Ulcers And Sores

Our Burton dentist discusses the results of poor oral health.

As a part of your regular six monthly check ups at our Burton practice, we not only examine your teeth and gums, but also the soft tissues in your mouth, including the tongue and cheek. This is partially to give us an overall picture of your mouth health, but also as an ‘early warning’ check for potential cancers. These cannot be diagnosed as such by us, but we may refer you to your GP if we notice anything unusual that may be a potential cause for concern.

Although mouth cancers are on the rise and need to be taken very seriously, there are two more common mouth problems which we will take a look at today.

Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are fairly common, and in most cases, can be treated at home. This is usually done through time, keeping the mouth healthy and avoiding things which may aggravate them. Common irritants may include spicy food, hot or acidic drinks and even certain types of toothpaste.  Mouth sores are not contagious, and although sometimes painful, are rarely a sign of anything serious.

Whilst this is true in most cases; if your cold sore lasts for longer than 2 weeks, or keeps coming back, you should see our Burton dentist or your GP for further examination.

Mouth sores

Mouth sores can be very painful and often inflamed. They can also bleed and become infected. It is important therefore that you keep your mouth as healthy as possible, both to avoid the problem, or to prevent further infection if you already have them. They can be caused by bacterial infections such as thrush, or even the common cold. Orthodontic (braces) wearers may also be more prone to them if using a ‘wire and brackets’ type of dental brace as cleaning the teeth and gums can be more difficult in this situation. Poor oral health habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption are also likely to exacerbate this problem.

As with mouth ulcers, mouth sores are usually treatable with time and better care, but they can also potentially indicate more serious problems such as oral cancers. For this reason, if you are in any doubt, or have neglected your regular dental check ups, a visit to Mike Allen’s Dental Practice is strongly advised.

Keep it clean!

Nearly all oral health problems are more likely if you do not keep the oral cavity sufficiently clean. In addition to your home care, we strongly recommend that you see our dental hygienist for a scale and polish on a six monthly basis, or more often, if you are in a high risk group, such as diabetics.

If you would like to take the first steps on the road to having a healthy mouth again, please call your local Burton dental practice on 01283 845345.