Looking Beyond Covid-19

Opportunities for a ‘smile refresh’ as Burton starts to return to “normal”

The Coronavirus seems all consuming now, even covered by our own dental blogs. This isn’t surprising of course, as it dominates the news and also our own daily lives. Conversations by ‘phone probably revolve around it too, as the opportunities to communicate face-to-face are now essentially impossible.

We don’t know how long this lockdown will last, and even when it ends, it may do so gradually. From a dental practice perspective, we don’t know when we will be able to re-open, but we will do so as soon as we are advised by the relevant bodies that it is safe. Hopefully, we will be seeing both old and new patients at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice once again in the not too far off future.

So … where do we go from here?

Self care

Currently, all we can do to help our patients is to encourage you to take good care of your teeth whilst you are staying indoors most of the time. The usual things apply here. Make sure you brush your teeth well twice a day, both morning and night. If your morning routine has changed because you aren’t working or are working from home, make sure you find a new regular time to brush them. Try to add flossing to your regime too if you can. This is a good time to learn how to do it (there are many videos available) and doing so will be of benefit to your oral health.

Try not to eat too many sugary foods either. It is understandable that some of us will turn to ‘comfort foods’ to get us through this time, but try not to overdo it and it also helps to eat these at a time when you will be brushing your teeth soon afterwards.

The next step

Once we get the go ahead, we will be opening our practice again. What is unknown at this time is whether we will be able to go ‘full steam ahead’ and offer all treatments or, perhaps more likely, only be able to offer selected treatments. Hopefully, those that we are allowed to perform will enable us to restore any of our patient’s teeth that have become damaged or are decayed i.e. the more immediate problems.

There will be a number of patients who need treatment but can’t be classed as emergency cases and who we are not allowed to treat now. Even so, problems such as a minor toothache can be quite uncomfortable and, if caused by decay, will only get worse. So even if you have been able to control any pain with painkillers, please come to see us for treatment as soon as we are open. If the pain has become problematic, please call us and we may be able to refer you to an urgent treatment centre locally.

Looking ahead

We don’t know how long this situation is going to continue or even the long term societal effects. Certainly, some of our patients may be worse off financially and may think twice about non essential expenditure. If you have been considering cosmetic dentistry which was interrupted by the virus and now feel you may have to delay it further due to financial considerations, please do talk to us about it. We have a range of payment plans available and will be happy to talk to you about these.

There will also be some who probably actually have more spare money available. If you have a salaried job in a business field which has been relatively unaffected by the Coronavirus, you may well find yourself with additional spare cash due to  the inability to spend it at restaurants etc whilst the lockdown is on. If you are in this more fortunate situation, you may wish to consider a cosmetic dental treatment that you have thought about before but have put off due to finances. This could be your chance to improve your smile with veneers for example, or perhaps quick and effective teeth whitening? There is plenty of information about the treatments that we offer on our website, and we will be happy to discuss these with you at the appropriate time.

In the meantime, please keep looking after your teeth and stay safe. Although data around the virus is now slowly starting to look better, this is not the time to let things slip. If we abide by the ‘lockdown instructions’ for a little longer, we will hopefully start to return to some sort of normality in the not too far off future when we will be able to see our Burton patients once again.

Remember that although we are still not able to treat even minor problems, if you are in need of urgent emergency dental care, you should still call Mike Allen’s Dental Practice on 01283 845345 where you will be offered advice on what to do next.