Investigating Snap On Veneers/Dentures

Widely advertised on social media, we take a look at this relatively new ‘innovation’

If you are on social media and have ever looked into any dental issues online, there is a very good chance that you will recently have noticed a lot of advertisements promoting either snap on veneers or snap on dentures as they are also sometimes known. A quick glance at the adverts can make them look appealing; after all, who wouldn’t want a convenient and attractive new smile. But is it really this simple and should patients of Mike Allen’s Dental Practice be tempted?

Because we can see the attraction of these for patients looking for a ‘quick and easy fix’, we thought that we would dig a little deeper and look at any benefits that these might offer, but also potential pitfalls which are unlikely to be mentioned in the adverts.

What are they?

It appears that there are two types; one which provides a kit so that you can take impressions and send them to a laboratory for your snap on teeth to be produced. The other type also does this but then, we understand, even produces the teeth at home as well. Looking around at reviews, and perhaps not surprisingly, those made professionally do tend to get the better reviews but are the more expensive option.

It should be pointed out that these are not intended to be worn all of the time but are for occasional cosmetic purposes only. In no way do they offer an effective long term alternative to professionally produced porcelain veneers or, in the case of missing teeth, dental implants.


The benefits of this type of cosmetic improvement is just that. They can provide a reasonably attractive smile at a reasonable cost. That said, and it probably does depend from brand to brand, but quite a few people who had them said that they had to file some of the false teeth down as they made them look much too long and unnatural. It isn’t hard to imagine how tricky this would be for many people and may well result in irreparable damage.

Ultimately, the cosmetic factor is about the only real benefit unfortunately. They are probably fine if you want to wear them once or twice for the occasional night out (though less so if you are eating .. more of that later). For longer term cosmetic improvements though, you should seek the advice of one of our experienced Burton cosmetic dentists.

The negatives

Firstly, there is a risk of people not following instructions correctly and wearing these appliances for longer periods than they should. This could well result in both small food particles and bacteria becoming trapped between the veneers and your natural teeth. Especially if you don’t regularly clean the veneers and your own teeth, you will very likely suffer from tooth decay and gum disease.

Whilst manufacturers claim that you can eat whilst wearing them, a little more detailed reading indicates that you should avoid hard or crunchy foods, presumably as this would damage them. In that sense then, you are probably able to eat fewer types of food than you would with dentures, and definitely than with dental implants!

Some users indicated that they found the process of fitting them to be fiddly and weren’t always happy with the results. Many of them need you to put the veneers in warm water to soften them before fitting over your teeth. By all accounts, this can take several attempts before they feel comfortable enough. This is certainly an inconvenience before you go out. You should also consider avoiding hot drinks when wearing them as this will also soften the veneers and cause them to fit less well.

Long term risks

In addition to the risk that some patients may leave them on too long and not clean them, and/or their teeth, there is a real issue for more conscientious users who do remove the veneers. If you do this regularly, the tight fit of the veneers can create friction on the natural tooth and may damage the natural enamel surface. Eventually, you may find that your teeth become sensitive and you will also be at a higher risk of decay.

Our verdict

Maybe for a one off occasion or so, these are viable, although if you do opt for this route, we would advise that you do so through your dentist rather than risk poor quality versions. For anyone who is generally unhappy with cosmetic aspects of their teeth, such as discolouration or crookedness, we don’t feel that this is a wise route to take. There are many effective cosmetic dental procedures that offer long and semi permanent solutions to these common problems. As these are also applied by our highly skilled and experienced dentists, you know that you will be getting the best treatment possible.

At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton, our team is here to help you have not only healthy teeth, but nice looking ones too and are we are always happy to offer our advice to help you achieve your aims. Appointments can now be made by calling us on 01283 845345.