Three Ways To Keep Your Teeth Whiter, For Longer

Some useful cosmetic dental advice from our Burton dentist.

Discoloured teeth are one of the most common reasons for people to seek cosmetic dental treatment here at Mike Allen Dental in Burton. Whilst both our in house and ‘at home’ teeth whitening treatments are excellent at reversing this problem in most cases, it is still worth considering how we can delay the onset of discoloured teeth for as long as possible.

It should be said that some discolouration is inevitable as we grow older, as the internal parts of our teeth will darken however well we look after them. This occurs naturally, and is unrelated to any external staining that might also otherwise occur.

Good oral care

The most basic, but essential, thing that patients can do to keep their teeth looking bright and healthy is to look after them. Regular brushing and flossing are essential to prevent tartar build up and staining on the teeth. Not only is tartar harmful to your gums, but also provides a rough surface on the enamel that staining food and drinks can easily stick to.


A number of foods that we might regularly consume, such as soy sauce and some dark fruits, are likely to stain our teeth. However, it is drinks that appear to contribute the most towards tooth discolouration. Some drinks, such as tea and red wine, stain the teeth due to the high levels of tannins that they contain and strong coffees too, are very staining. High sugar carbonated drinks may also contribute towards discoloured teeth due to the damage that they can cause to the enamel surface. Sugars and acids in these drinks can erode the surface, creating tiny pits and cracks that tannins and the like can become trapped in.


There are many very good reasons to give up smoking if you currently do so. We all know about the increased risk of heart and lung problems, but oral cancer too can not only cause serious problems, but can prove fatal. Even if you avoid this though, gum problems are more likely if you smoke and any healing of oral wounds may be slower and may become infected.

Back to discolouration though, it will probably come as no surprise to learn that smoking will almost certainly badly stain your teeth. Most smokers who have smoked for any period of time are likely to have yellow or even very brown coloured teeth. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure may help to reduce this, many smokers with badly stained teeth may need dental veneers to fully restore their previous whiteness.

Following the simple advice above will certainly help to delay any discolouration of your teeth, hopefully for many years. Eventually though, our teeth will darken in colour. The only way to restore your teeth to their former whiteness is through the convenient teeth whitening procedures available at our Burton dental practice.

To find out how we can help you to restore the appearance of your teeth, whether discoloured, crooked or chipped and cracked, please call Mike Allen’s Dental Practice on 01283 845345.