A Winning Smile….

Cosmetic dentistry – the route to a great smile at your local Burton dentist.

Although cosmetic dental treatments are most commonly associated with improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, whether this be through having them whitened or perhaps straightened using modern adult orthodontics, the effects of the procedures can be much more beneficial than simply the visual aspects.

Clearly, the aesthetic appeal of a great smile is obvious but it’s worth taking a closer  look at the other “knock-on” benefits too…….


Feeling good about yourself is an important boost for personal confidence. Conversely, if you feeling self conscious about your appearance, you may be more likely to be more reserved and perhaps even introverted to some degree.

As one of the first things that most people notice about us when we meet them is our smile, it is not hard to see why having a great smile is important to the way that we look and how others perceive us. Having poor teeth, perhaps crooked and discoloured, is likely to mean that we are reluctant to smile too much and this may well be misinterpreted in a way that we don’t want.

Whilst this effect may not be too important in some situations, it can have unwanted results in others.


It is no surprise that people are attracted to those who smile and as impressions are usually made in the first few moments of meeting;  to be greeted with a warm bright smile can get any potential relationship off to a great start.


Similarly, a warm smile can indicate trust which is extremely useful in the workplace as well as socially. There has even been research that shows that people who smile; nearly all with great looking teeth, tend to have better career opportunities than those who don’t.

If you have unattractive teeth and are concerned about the quality of your smile and perhaps feel that it is affecting your confidence, please give Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton a call and arrange a consultation. We will be pleased to recommend the appropriate cosmetic dental procedures to give you a great smile and hopefully, all of the additional personal benefits that it can bring too.