Straighter Teeth, Healthier Teeth

Why having your teeth straightened can affect more than just your appearance.

Whilst an increasing number of people are seeking out teeth straightening procedures in order to have a great smile, other patients are perhaps less concerned with their appearance and feel that wearing braces for a period of time is not for them.

Whilst we are not here to make choices for our patients about how they should look, there are some practical aspects of having uneven teeth which can affect their health too.

Easier Cleaning

One of the main advantages of having even teeth is that it makes them much easier to keep clean. Brushing and flossing are the cornerstone of good oral health, along, of course, with visits to your local Burton dental practice. Being able to do this effectively, and reaching all areas in the mouth will help to keep your teeth and gums problem free. If your teeth are crooked, getting between them can be especially difficult. Teeth that are pressed against each other are almost impossible to get between with a brush or dental floss, yet, you can be sure that bacteria and acids produced by foods, will find their way into these nooks and crannies over time, probably resulting in decay and fillings.

Progressively more crooked

It is worth pointing out that, if left, even slightly uneven teeth will become more crooked over time. Any shift in the teeth will create a space into which other teeth will gradually move. As these move, others will follow, and, what started off as just the odd uneven tooth may eventually lead to a quite unappealing set of uneven, and possibly decayed teeth too.

Cosmetic dental solutions

At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we are able to offer modern teeth straightening systems, in the form of invisible braces, that are both significantly more discreet and comfortable than the ‘train track’ braces that many of our Burton patients may be familiar with. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to straightening teeth though, and a professional examination and consultation is needed before a treatment plan can be decided.

We offer a number of teeth straightening solutions and the choice of which to use will depend on a number of factors, including the type of misalignment problem, as well as the patient’s preferences. Finance may also come into the equation, and, to help patients spread the cost of the treatment, we have a number of payment plans in place.

If you are unhappy, or concerned, about your uneven teeth, and would like a professional opinion from one of our Burton cosmetic dentists, please call our practice on 01283 845345 to arrange a consultation where we can discuss the options available with you.