The Role Of The Hygienist For Younger Patients

Gum problems can occur at any age, even in young patients.

Gum disease is often associated with older patients; this can be for any number of reasons. Long term neglect certainly increases the risk of gingivitis and periodontitis in older patients, and the reduction in saliva flow also means that the ‘bad’ bacteria are not washed away as easily.

It would be a mistake though, to believe that young patients don’t suffer from gum disease too. Whilst the risk is perhaps lower, early onset of gum disease may make it more difficult to manage in later life and preventing it early on will certainly lead to better oral health.

Family practice

At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton, we pride ourselves on providing excellent family dentistry for our patients, whether young or old. Our hygienists both have children of their own, and are well-practiced in communicating with younger patients, helping them to understand the importance of looking after their teeth. This is a particularly important part of their role at our Burton dentists. Whilst the removal of hardened plaque through a scale and polish is important to prevent the onset of gum disease, potentially leading to periodontitis (an advanced stage where bone degradation can take place); preventing dental problems in the first place is far preferable.


The educational role of our hygienists is especially important when it comes to younger children. Most parents will know that there is often a limit to what children believe from us, and advice from a dental professional can help to reinforce the importance of looking after their teeth and gums. This advice will include diet, and the role of sugar in dental decay, along with teaching them the most effective way to keep their teeth clean.

These hygienist sessions are useful for parents too; and, whilst they may benefit directly from oral health advice that they can use themselves; many parents teach their kids the same way as they were taught themselves and this may not be the most effective way of keeping teeth and gums in good condition. Up-to-date advice from our hygienist will correct this.

Regular care for all the family

At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we are pleased to see all members of your family, whether it is your youngest child (from approximately one year of age), through to grandmas and even great grandmas. Having healthy  teeth and gums not only means that your teeth look good, but that eating is a pleasure and not something which, especially in old age, has to be endured.

To make sure that your family benefits from our professional care, regular appointments should be kept at our Burton dental practice. If you have not paid us a visit for six months or have had to miss an appointment, please call us on 01283 845345.