Have You ‘Stubbed It Out’ yet?

A ‘stop smoking’ New Year resolution is better late than never.

Did you forget to make any New Year resolutions in the busy period over the festive season? Perhaps you did and are thinking that you will probably now leave it until next year to make any life changing resolutions? Although many of us take this ‘head in the sand’ approach to making changes that we don’t like, a delay to make a resolution to stop smoking could have serious implications both for your teeth and gums, and for your overall health.

There can now be no disputing the fact that smoking is very bad for your health. Time and again, research has shown it to be a leading cause of many health problems, from heart and lung disease to various cancers. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton Upon Trent, we encourage anyone who still smokes to stop .. right now.


Even if you don’t take part in any sporting activities, giving up smoking can make your life much easier. If you find that you are wheezing or out of breath when climbing a hill or carrying shopping, then smoking will certainly make the situation worse.

You won’t suddenly become a super athlete when you stub out your last ever cigarette, but running for the bus or playing with your children will likely become easier as the effects of years of smoking leaves your system.

Health check

Stopping smoking will reduce your risk of a number of cancers, including oral cancer, as well as helping to clear your lungs as the tar works its way out. The blood vessels that were restricted due to the nicotine will gradually widen, helping to reduce problems such as high blood pressure.

Bad breath, gum disease and oral cancers

Ask any of our experienced Burton dentists and they will tell you that, if you smoke, you are far more likely to suffer from gum disease. This not only threatens the longevity of your teeth as the bone degrades, loosening them in their socket, but also increases the likelihood of halitosis. As if the smell of cigarette smoke on the breath is not antisocial enough, the presence of halitosis may well drive even your closest friends away!

No one ever said that stopping smoking is easy. For some, it will simply be a case of saying ‘no’, with few problems. For others though, smoking is a part of their way of life and can be incredibly difficult to stop. If this applies to you, make sure that you have a support network in place of friends, or professionals, to encourage you when you are struggling and feel like you might start again.

You may also wish to look into ‘vaping’. Although we don’t want to actually promote this as a lifestyle choice, and much research has yet to be done into its long term health effects, there is little doubt that it has been incredibly helpful in stopping a large number of people from smoking tobacco based products.

From all at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we wish all ex smokers, and ex smokers to be, the very best of luck in quitting and hope that you start to feel the benefits soon.

For all smoking related oral health issues, we are here to help you. Simply call our Burton dental practice on 01283 845345 to arrange your appointment.