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Author: Mike Allen

Mike Allen Dental discusses the options available when a number of teeth are lost. Most patients who lose teeth or need to have them extracted at our Burton practice, typcially only have to have one or two removed. There can

Forgotten to buy a gift? Mike Allen’s Dental Practice might have the answer! Don’t worry. We are sure that if you have forgotten to buy your partner a Valentine’s Day gift, you won’t be the only one. The shops will

Some things should belong to you alone; a toothbrush is one of them! Hopefully, all patients of Mike Allen’s Dental Practice will own a toothbrush. Whether young or old, our daily brushing, both morning and night is the very bedrock

This popular tooth replacement method is ideal for older patients who have lost natural teeth. Some of us might associate cosmetic dentistry with the young and potentially beautiful, but it can be beneficial for all ages. Some cosmetic treatments are

Cosmetic dentistry at your Burton dentist – get ‘smile-ready’ for the new year ahead! The term ‘20/20’ is often used to denote perfect vision. Whilst we can’t promise an absolutely perfect smile, we are confident that this 2020 could be

Please try our quiz and see what you can remember from this year’s Mike Allen Dental blogs Are you sitting comfortably, or are you perhaps starting to panic about all the Christmas presents you haven’t even thought about buying yet?

Following root therapy, these aftercare tips will help to maintain the tooth. Although an air of mild panic is sometimes detected when we inform a patient that they need to have a root canal treatment, the reality is that this

Helping young teeth stay healthy through better brushing. A toothbrush is a toothbrush, right?  Well yes, but there are a number of options to choose from, and just as we adults choose a toothbrush to suit our own personal needs,

Dental restorations are more effective than you might imagine; give our team a call. Ideally, all of our Burton patients would have looked after their teeth well from childhood and need little treatment other than perhaps a small filling or

Caring for this important part of our teeth. Regular readers of our bi weekly blogs will probably have come across the term ‘dentin’ quite a few times and they may well understand that this is the area of the tooth