Treating Bad Breath In Burton on Trent

If people step away when you speak to them, it’s time to talk to your local dentist.

Some food and drinks can cause our breath to take on a less than pleasant odour. Garlic is probably the best known of these, but others such as coffee, fish and spicy foods can do likewise. In general though, these are temporary odours which will go of their own accord. When you have constant bad breath on a daily basis though, it is more than likely that you have halitosis.

Halitosis is usually a smell like no other, and, although you may not be able to smell it yourself, if you notice people avoiding speaking to you, or taking a quick step back when they do, it is time to talk to your dentist about this oral health issue.

Sulphurous emissions

Whilst some gastric problems can lead to halitosis, for the majority of people, it is caused by gum disease. When the bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis become out of control, the gases that they release, as they eat away at the gums, creates a odour which is very unpleasant indeed.

Prevention and treatment of gum disease

Avoiding gum disease, along with the often accompanying halitosis, is relatively straightforward. Good cleaning at home, along with professional care will play a large part in keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Some lifestyle habits, such as smoking and heavy drinking, can also contribute to gum disease and should be avoided.

What if I already have halitosis?

If you already have halitosis, then it is likely that your gum disease has passed the point where improving your home teeth cleaning will eliminate it, and a visit to Mike Allen’s Dental Practice is strongly advised for an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

Following an inspection, one of two paths are likely if gum disease is present. Providing that the bacteria has not started to affect the roots of the teeth and the bone, a series of professional cleans, (scale and polish sessions), by our Burton hygienist may be sufficient to remove the hardened bacteria that is causing the problem. This, together with improved personal care at home can often reverse early stage gum disease.

If the infection has started to affect the roots and bone, then a treatment known as root planing may be required. This is a more complex treatment that is performed using a local anaesthetic and done by an experienced dentist, typically a specialist, and not the hygienist.

Following the successful removal of the bacteria, your gums should start to return to a healthier state, and your breath become much sweeter. Looking forwards, we would recommend that you continue to see the hygienist every six months for a thorough clean and for advice on how to keep your teeth and gums in good health.

If you live in Burton Upon Trent and suspect that you may have bad breath, take the first steps to make your breath smell better by calling Mike Allen’s on 01283 845345.