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Why Burton patients are seeking alternatives to this traditional tooth replacement method Most people will know somebody who wears dentures. Usually this results from tooth loss over a longer period of time but it can also be due to accidental

Where teeth have been lost, a dental bridge can be used to close the gap in your smile In many of our blogs, we have advocated the use of dental implants to replace missing teeth, and with good reason. These

Common oral health issues in advancing years At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice we see a wide range of patients of all ages. From young babies to the very elderly, we are here to help you have the best oral health

Why dentists are seeing more cases of cracked and damaged teeth due to stress A report in the Independent has recently suggested that dentists in the USA are seeing a greatly increased number of patients coming to them with cracked

This popular technique can be used in a number of restorative and cosmetic treatments If you are into middle age, you will no doubt have seen a lot of changes occurring over the years at our Burton dental practice. From

Dentist Mike Allen looks at issues that can be caused by unevenly spaced teeth, along with possible solutions If we have looked after our teeth well, with regular brushing, flossing and dental appointments, there is a good chance that they

Burton dentist, Dr Mike Allen discusses common causes of ‘wobbly’ teeth For some of us, it may be further back in our memories than we care to remember, but most of us will probably be able to recall when we

Opportunities for a ‘smile refresh’ as Burton starts to return to “normal” The Coronavirus seems all consuming now, even covered by our own dental blogs. This isn’t surprising of course, as it dominates the news and also our own daily

Dental restorations are more effective than you might imagine; give our team a call. Ideally, all of our Burton patients would have looked after their teeth well from childhood and need little treatment other than perhaps a small filling or

Caring for this important part of our teeth. Regular readers of our bi weekly blogs will probably have come across the term ‘dentin’ quite a few times and they may well understand that this is the area of the tooth