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Burton dentist, Dr Mike Allen discusses common causes of ‘wobbly’ teeth For some of us, it may be further back in our memories than we care to remember, but most of us will probably be able to recall when we

Opportunities for a ‘smile refresh’ as Burton starts to return to “normal” The Coronavirus seems all consuming now, even covered by our own dental blogs. This isn’t surprising of course, as it dominates the news and also our own daily

Dental restorations are more effective than you might imagine; give our team a call. Ideally, all of our Burton patients would have looked after their teeth well from childhood and need little treatment other than perhaps a small filling or

Caring for this important part of our teeth. Regular readers of our bi weekly blogs will probably have come across the term ‘dentin’ quite a few times and they may well understand that this is the area of the tooth

Some tips for our Burton patients who suffer from this relatively common problem. Stress is increasingly common in our society. Although we may live a relatively privileged life in the West compared to some parts of the world, there are

Detrimental habits we may have when appointment time is due! Whether you are a nervous patient or not, the likelihood is that you aren’t particularly looking forward to your dental appointment. Even those with generally healthy teeth and a good

Our Burton dentist discusses the results of poor oral health. As a part of your regular six monthly check ups at our Burton practice, we not only examine your teeth and gums, but also the soft tissues in your mouth,

A quick history of our long standing Burton dental practice. It was over thirty years ago when Mike Allen decided to set up a dental practice in Burton Upon Trent. Things were very different then of course, and cosmetic dentistry

Why this popular cosmetic treatment is not appropriate for mums-to-be. The idea of starting a family, or adding to one, can be a very exciting time for mums to be. It can also be a challenge for some, and feeling

The effect on our smile and other dental problems. One dental issue that some of us may not notice initially, as it often happens quite slowly, is that of  receding gums. This is not uncommon and tends to occur as