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Do You Trust Your Teeth?

Mike Allen looks at the problem of weakened teeth. As we get older, it is highly likely that we will have had some dental treatment and many cases, it might be quite a significant amount. The most common treatment is

What Happens To Your Teeth When You Become Ill?

How common illnesses like colds and flu can have a detrimental effect on your teeth. Although dosing up on vitamin C, washing your hands frequently and avoiding people that you know have a cold, might help to keep down the

Mouth Cancer In The UK – A Report

Burton dentist, Mike Allen, looks at the conclusions of a new report. The Oral Health Foundation has very recently put out a new report entitled ‘State Of Mouth Cancer UK Report 2018/19. You can download the PDF version here if

Please Spare A Thought For Your Dentist!

Dentists are here to help you have healthy teeth and gums. Here are some ways that you can help us 🙂 At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on doing all that we can to help our Burton patients

Can Minor Dental Issues Ever Be ‘Acceptable’?

Dr Mike Allen discusses this question, and the possible consequences of taking this approach. Most patients of Mike Allen’s Dental Practice come to see us every six months or so for their regular check ups. If a significant problem occurs

Oral Cancer, Periodontitis And Diabetes

Associate Dentist, Peter Reece, explains why diabetics should pay particular attention to their oral health It goes without saying that we believe that all of our Burton patients should pay close attention to their oral health, but some groups are

The Perils Of DIY Dentistry!

Your teeth are important, use a dental professional. Taking responsibility for looking after our own teeth and gums is important. Daily cleaning and flossing are essential if you want to avoid common problems like decay and gum disease. When it

Don’t Grind Your Teeth If England Play Badly :)

Could the World Cup really lead to damaged teeth? For the game tonight against Belgium, England fans can relax. We are going through to the qualifying stages anyway and whilst a win would be nice, any result will do. The

Which Toothpaste?

Our Burton dentist takes a look at the wide selection of toothpastes now available Anybody who watches TV can’t help but have noticed the seemingly increasing range of toothpastes that are being marketed. It appears that there is a different

Why Excessive Vomiting Can Ruin Your Teeth

Certain groups are at particular risk of this problem. It is probably not a subject that many of us like to think about, and we hope that you aren’t eating as you read our latest blog. The truth is though,