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Helping you to keep your children’s teeth strong and healthy As the end of the school summer holiday approaches, there will be some who will be breathing a sigh of relief to get their house back to normal so that

Do you call your dentist when you have a minor problem or wait until your next appointment? It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that most people would rather not go to the dentist if they could get away

Why it usually makes good sense to replace a lost tooth, visible or not Nobody likes to lose an adult tooth. When we lose our baby teeth we know that there are more still to come through, but this isn’t

Your Burton dentists offer some food for thought during the current lockdown On the 4th January, the inevitable happened and we were told, once again, that we were going into lockdown. This is a similar one to the first lockdown

A few festive suggestions to help you look after your teeth and gums in the coming weeks As this will probably be our last blog until 2021, we thought that we would use it to help you get through the

Our Burton practice remains open during the current restrictions Well, it’s fair to say that our last blog didn’t age that well. A few days after announcing a tier system, here we are again, back in a full national lockdown,

Dentist Mike Allen looks at possible implications for dentists At the time of writing, Burton upon Trent has a relatively low number of new cases of Covid-19. Like many other places though, this could quite easily rise and there will,

Widely advertised on social media, we take a look at this relatively new ‘innovation’ If you are on social media and have ever looked into any dental issues online, there is a very good chance that you will recently have

A reminder to our Burton patients following the easing of the lockdown period. As dental practices slowly open their doors again following the lockdown period, there will be a concerted initial effort to treat those patients most in need of

A brief look at some of the changes that patients might notice when we open our practice again Many of you will have seen that dental practices in the UK are able to open their doors again from 8th June.