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How to care for your children’s teeth, now and when they eventually return to school It hasn’t yet been confirmed, but if reports are accurate, it seems that a return to school for year 6 pupils may happen on June

Helping young teeth stay healthy through better brushing. A toothbrush is a toothbrush, right?  Well yes, but there are a number of options to choose from, and just as we adults choose a toothbrush to suit our own personal needs,

Calm and happy kids means successful dental visits and a healthier mouth! Phobias are strange things and it can sometimes be difficult to understand where they have come from. Some phobias are common, such as a fear of flying or

A child’s first appointment may determine how they feel about visiting the dentist in the future. We have mentioned in previous blogs, that ideally you should take your children to a dentist at around one year old for their first

Helping younger family members reach adulthood with healthy teeth. Over thirty years ago, Mike Allen’s Dental Practice was set up in Burton Upon Trent, predominantly to provide general dental care. Time may have moved on, and we now also offer

Although they are temporary, it is important to keep baby teeth in good health. Sometimes also referred to as ‘milk teeth’, your child’s first teeth are not permanent and will fall out naturally over time. This does not always happen

Tooth decay is much too common, especially in children. Here’s how we can help. Whilst gum disease poses a serious and persistent threat to our oral health, it is likely that most patients are more familiar with the problem of

Guidance from a Burton family dentist to help keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy. How many of you reading this blog have thought at some point in your life “I wish I’d looked after my teeth more when I