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Burton dentist Mike Allen offers some thoughts on how you can improve your smile in the New Year (with a little festive humour at the end)! Christmas is coming and the goose may be getting fat, but most of us

Having cosmetic dentistry in Burton may change your life in ways you don’t expect! The most obvious reason for anyone to have a cosmetic dental procedure is to improve the way their teeth look. In some cases, it may be

Getting older does not mean having to accept poor quality teeth. When we are young, most of us probably had strong and healthy teeth, perhaps with a  few fillings due to an over enthusiasm for sweets. These teeth tend to

Times have changed and more men now want to look their best too! There was a time when men simply looked older as the years went by. Wrinkles and yellow stained teeth through smoking were the norm. Times change though,

Latest dentistry treatment in Burton to give your smile a boost! Although we are still being treated to the usual British weather patterns, there are noticeable signs that we are about to (hopefully) enter the warmer and sunnier months of

Start the year off with a whiter, more even smile. Once the Christmas festivities are over and the waistlines slowly start to return to normal, we usually start to reflect on our lives and to consider the changes that we

Putting the ‘bright’ back into the dark evenings ahead. There are many beautiful things about Autumn, with the riot of nature’s colours being up there amongst the best. This weekend though, the clocks go back and we start to have

How patients can benefit from this flexible cosmetic dental procedure. From a cosmetic viewpoint, one of the most common reasons that people come to our Burton Upon Trent dental practice is because they are unhappy with the colour of their

Why new tooth coloured fillings are becoming more popular than ever. Amalgam is commonly used in dental fillings, and is made from a mixture of metals. including tin, silver and zinc. More controversially though, it also includes mercury, a substance

Tooth contouring and re-shaping the teeth.   Uneven teeth can be caused by many reasons. Teeth may be in the wrong position due to tooth crowding or tooth loss creating gaps, grinding of the teeth (bruxism) which may flatten teeth