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Things you can do to help your new tooth implant outcome Dental implants are largely considered to be the gold standard for tooth replacement. Whilst dentures and bridges do have a role to play, neither provides an ideal solution as

With implants gradually replacing dentures, we take a look at why they are well-worth considering At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we have been supplying dentures for our patients for over 30 years. This has been the long standing method of

Mike Allen looks at why some patients are deterred from having implants, and why they shouldn’t be. We have covered in earlier blogs, how beneficial dental implants can be, especially in the longer term. No more fiddling about having to

Dr Mike Allen gives a dentist’s perspective of this increasingly popular solution. Much has been written in the press, about the benefits of dental implant placement. Most of this has been positive, although there have also been a few negative