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Get The Basics Right Advises Your Burton Family Dentist

Good home dental care – the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. With all the modern equipment and advanced dental procedures available, there are few dental problems that cannot be resolved. Whether a tooth needs to be filled with a

Beware Of ‘Dental Tourism’

‘Bargain’ dental treatment abroad may prove costly to your oral health. As the summer approaches, we can expect to see a rise in the number of advertisements for dental treatments abroad. Taking advantage of the warmer weather, many attempt to

General Dentistry in Burton

A solid foundation in good oral health for all the family. Our dental practice has been here, in Burton, for over thirty years now. Like most dental practices, it started its life as a general practice, fulfilling the role of

Positive Dental Health for Older Patients

Getting old does not have to mean letting go of good oral health. As we get older, and aspects of our lives such as embarking on a new career or finding a new partner slowly slip away, it can be

Jaw Problems

Dentistry techniques to help correct this not uncommon problem. Many people suffer from painful or aching jaws. Although there can be a number of causes of this, including injuries caused by a blow to the face, a surprising number occur

Managing Your Oral Health

Some tips for your daily oral health care from your local Burton dentist. There are certain foundations to good oral health which most of us know and, hopefully, adhere to. Brushing the teeth at least twice daily should be a

Older People and Oral Health Care

Dental care for older residents of Burton on Trent. Burton Upon Trent, like many other towns in the UK, has a large proportion of older residents; in fact forecasts for the UK indicate that older people will soon make up