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Options For Restoring Or Replacing Damaged Rear Teeth

Our molar teeth take a lot of strain and can be prone to problems. Every day, when we eat, all of our teeth are set to work, biting off chunks of food, breaking it down into smaller pieces, then chewing

Plaque and Tartar Control

Reducing the risk of gum disease for our Burton patients. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, one of the things that we are concerned about is ensuring that our patients are free of gum disease. With good brushing and flossing, along

First Class Dental Care For All The Family

If you are looking for a family dentist in Burton, we are here to help. Mike Allen’s Dental Practice has been established in Burton for over thirty years now. During this time, we have seen different generations of the same

Does Root Canal Treatment Avoid The Need For Extraction?

A look at this often misunderstood, but important, dental treatment. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton, we have performed many many root canal procedures over the years. Almost without exception, when we suggest this treatment, there is a noticeable