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Ignoring potential symptoms of gum disease can lead to serious oral health issues Few of us actually enjoy going to the dentists. However friendly and helpful they are, there is always the nagging suspicion that you might need to have

Mike Allen discusses this sometimes underappreciated but essential aspect of oral care As dentists, most people probably associate us with teeth. This is understandable and indeed the word dentist comes from the French ‘dent’, meaning teeth. Over time though, our

Periodontal diseases are increasingly being linked to a number of serious illnesses. Why do people visit the dentists? It seems an obvious answer, doesn’t it? to make sure that their teeth are healthy and they don’t get decay or toothache.

Avoiding and treating gum disease problems at our Burton dental practice. Gingival bacteria are ‘ever present’ in our mouths, along with approximately seventy other types of bacteria. Kept under control with good oral care including brushing, flossing and regular, professional

Taking a look at the causes of gum disease At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we take gum disease seriously. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK yet is something that can easily be avoided with

Diabetics and awareness of potential oral health pitfalls. Type two diabetes is one of the serious health ‘time bombs’ that appears in the news a lot these days. Diet and lack of exercise are thought to be two of the

Caring for Children and their teeth   Here at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice Children’s teeth require all the love and attention adults teeth do! We recommend that we work together to make your child feel relaxed about coming to visit the dentist

If so, you should continue to read the article below and learn why you should. It is thought that only around 20% of adults in the UK currently floss between their teeth (1). Even those who brush well and pay

Why we need to clean between teeth and how! What is Plaque and Calculus? Plaque Plaque is a combination of food and bacteria. It is sticky and soft, and sticks to the teeth soon after brushing.  It harbours many bacteria, and if it is

Bleeding gums: Who cares? Actually, at Mike Allen’s dental practice we do and you should too because HEALTHY GUMS shouldn’t bleed (the only exception to this is people who smoke; they usually suffer from advancing gum disease but their gums