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What Causes Plaque And Tartar To Build Up On Our Teeth?

Burton dental hygienist, Alison Lowe, looks at the fundamentals of good oral care. As patients, most people probably focus on the condition of their teeth when it comes to their oral health care. This is more likely to be the

Getting Rid Of Plaque

Burton dental hygienist, Antonia Kemp, discusses effective treatments. Many of you will have seen various advertisements for toothpastes that claim to get rid of plaque, as well as generally cleaning your teeth. This is slightly misleading though as plaque, or

Look After Your Gums – It Really Pays Off!

Dental hygienist, Alison Lowe, looks at why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of healthy gums. If you take a look at the team page on Mike Allen’s Dental Practice website, you will see that there are currently three dental hygienists