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This popular tooth replacement method is ideal for older patients who have lost natural teeth. Some of us might associate cosmetic dentistry with the young and potentially beautiful, but it can be beneficial for all ages. Some cosmetic treatments are

And why is it so important to the dental implant procedure? The term ‘osseointegration’ may be unfamiliar to most of our Burton patients, but it is an essential component of the dental implant placement procedure. Without the osseointegration process, dental

What are your options when you lose all of your teeth? Hopefully, very few of us will arrive at the stage where we have no teeth left. With good care, and a bit of luck, it is entirely possible not

Ill fitting dentures, or weak teeth, can make us avoid some foods. If you have been wearing dentures for some time, you may have got used to them moving around in the mouth from time to time, and also become

Dental implants are more than just an aesthetic tooth replacement. If you have lost a tooth, you may be considering you replacement options. Essentially, aside from leaving a gap, there are three options; a bridge, dentures or dental implants. Of

Giving your new implants the best possible start. As we have mentioned in previous Mike Allen Blogs, dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth, and can last for twenty years or more providing that you take good

Burton dental implants – quality, stability and longevity. On first hearing about dental implants, there are generally two reactions. The first is a worried look when people hear about certain aspects of the procedure, and the second is the cost

A healthy mouth promotes longer implant life. Although most people’s dental implants should be expected to last for around twenty years, and very often more; this is not a given and requires regular oral health care to keep the mouth,

An alternative to dentures for our Burton patients. A missing tooth or teeth, particularly those at the front of the mouth, can often be the cause of severe embarrassment, ultimately leading to a loss of self-confidence. In some cases, this

Our Burton dentist discusses modern options for replacing missing teeth. Whilst some wearers are quite happy with their dentures; and modern versions are certainly an improvement over older style ones; for others they can prove to be quite uncomfortable and