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Category: Root canal

Burton Dentist Mike Allen, explains what happens during this often misunderstood treatment Everybody will have heard the term ‘root canal’. Most people will probably not have had this treatment, but will almost certainly have built up a picture of what

Following root therapy, these aftercare tips will help to maintain the tooth. Although an air of mild panic is sometimes detected when we inform a patient that they need to have a root canal treatment, the reality is that this

Preserving a natural tooth that has become infected. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, our aim is to try to ensure that our patients retain as many of their natural teeth as possible. Good general oral health care and regular check

Root canal procedures at Mike Allen Dental in Burton on Trent It is often presumed that most teeth are lost through breakages or decay of the external enamel. However, a surprising number of teeth are lost through infection of the